Proven Experience

Heritage & Market Leadership

Over 125 years of experience and innovation. Today, Schaerer products hold the highest market share for professional coffee machines in the US and Canada with over 49,000 machines installed.


Customer Focus

Our machine designs are driven by understanding customer specific demands and translating those into practical equipment solutions that can be integrated seamlessly.

Reliability & Core Component Strategy

We hold the best reliability track record in the industry.

All Schaerer equipment is based on core components that have proven reliability and technical integrity. While we continuously enhance these components to meet market needs; we also strive for innovation. Uniformity of components allows our existing service partners to cross over and support new models with a minimal learning curve.

Support & Service

Our certified service network of over 400 service partners covers all major metropolitan markets. While our service partners are local and easily accessible, service and installation are coordinated and centrally dispatched through our headquarters in Tustin, CA. Our customers and certified technicians can also contact our toll-free customer service hotline (888.989.3004) 7 days a week.

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SEB Professional North America
15501 Red Hill Avenue, STE 200
Tustin, CA 92780
Hours: 7AM to 5PM (PST)


888.989.3004 (within the U.S. and CAN)

562.989.3004 (outside the U.S. and CAN)





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